This I Believe

Anna - Spring Valley, California
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Flirting Makes me feel Pretty

I believe that flirting can make anyone feel pretty. As we walk around or drive around the streets we see couples that for us maybe wouldn’t seem attractive. How did all the attraction came to start? Well, I believe flirting has a lot to do with the beginning of each couple. It has made us change the way we act and feel about ourselves. As we flirt we feel the sense of confidence because we know that communication consists of two people not just one. I believe flirting can be the beginning of love or the beginning of a whole new us. Once we know a person is responding it’ll make us feel good about ourselves, which at the same time make us feel pretty. We all know when us girls are flirting because we’re all giggling and believe that the smile we have on that no one will take it away. That even though our hair might end up being tangled from us playing with it while flirting, that it’s worth the while.

Now, I know many of us flirt for the cause of getting the person we are attracted to but some don’t seem to understand that being pretty and taking advantage of it is no good thing. Of course many people know they’re somewhat attractive and flirt with those who might be attracted to them. Yeah, they might go along with the flow just for fun but what they don’t know is that at the same time they’re hurting the other person. Flirting is used to make us feel good as well as the other person and should never be abused. Some people take it for granted when someone flirts and then think someone will get further when in reality nothing is going to happen. Probably when we realize what we’ve done it’s a little late to change things but we know that before all that we were feeling the sense of getting anyone we chose to.

Flirting was made to get couples together. To make our self confidence better but we should never take it for granted if we’re just using it as a hobby and not a technique to win someone. I believe flirting has made me realize that even though we’re not the most gorgeous person in the world or that many people don’t think we’re good looking, flirting has given me the power to move and to have a chance to find the right one. That even though I have taken it for granted and seen the consequences, I don’t let it get to me. Though, at times we won’t acquire the results we want, we should at least feel good knowing that we tried and should not let us down. Attractive or not so attractive it doesn’t matter our age because we always feel good when we’re flirting.