This I Believe

Brittani - McDonough, Georgia
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Ode to Gold

AU is the symbol, so I’ve been told;

There is no other metal more precious than gold;

A mass of 196.9665, it has been in the earth, since beginning of time.

Its’ Latin word aurum, which means shining dawn;

I can tell if it’s gold, once I put jewelry on;

Gold is a metal that’s not economic;

79 is its number that refers to atomic;

California discovered 1848 by John Sutter a feat fulfilling his fate;

Scientifically speaking, gold corrodes not nor rust;

It’s a fine precious metal, whose value I trust;

It conducts very well, electricity and heat;

One densest of metals, twelve hundred pound’s a cubic feet;

A standard to base all of our nations’ money;

Gold comes with wealth which makes every day sunny;

South Africa is the worlds’ largest producer;

Nevada’s gold mine in the U.S. is a lot closer;

Gold could be found, in two major closets;

Lode inside rocks, which are called vein deposits;

Placer deposits formed by moving water;

To retrieve gold from nature, make having much harder;

The most oldest and precious metal to man;

Dentist’s use gold when ever they can;

Trying to gain or protect it, folks tried;

Wars have been fought for it, many have died;

AU atomic 79, a metal called gold that gain value with time…