This I Believe

George - Schaumburg, Illinois
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe that having faith in yourself is the only faith you need. Too often we have faith in an other worldly power that we forget that we have control of our one existence. Too often do we sit and wait for God to act, that we forget that our actions speak volumes. Faith is something every human being should have, but at what point does a faith in God interfere with faith in ourselves. At what point does believing in a divine power diminish one’s ability to act. The act of faith is a culminating result of believing that you can control your own life.

Faith in yourself means that you think that you can accomplish what you set out for. Society’s reliance on other people and essentially god has diminished our capacity to grow as independent human beings. This fostering of interdependence has created a society full of people doubting their potential. Often feeling that they need others to make them complete, often feeling they need god to feel complete. To feel whole, so to put it, is the accumulation of ones desired acts, and the wishes that you ultimately pursued. Too often do we listen to friends and family saying that you should do this, or not do that. When we succumb to outside pressure, is when we feel fail as human beings.

The second you live out your life for someone’s well being, you are lost. We are lost in the sea of influence that controls so many lives, lost in an abyss that few ever come out. I am not condemning or diminishing religion, I am condemning the result that faith in something other than ourselves produces. It produces inaction, and hinders the average individual to act. I am no means saying in this essay that a faith in god is wrong, but what I’m saying that faith in god that replaces faith in yourself is wrong. The moment you feel powerless is the moment we deem action as powerless. To fail as a human being is to believe that your actions can not affect the world, to fail as a human being is to not have faith in yourself.