This I Believe

Anita - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that people need something to inspire them. I could go through life not thinking about what really matters, just worrying about getting the laundry done, washing the dishes, cleaning. These things need to get done, but some people consume themselves with the mundane. Some people get upset when they think that a piece of art is nothing, like if it’s just a black square on a page they say that their kid could have drawn that. But I believe the whole purpose of art is to make people feel. If something makes me feel, whether it’s happy, sad, frustrated, angry, confused, or otherwise, to me it is art. So if you feel upset when you see the black square because you think anyone could have created it, that black square made you feel something, which is what really counts. However, if I am not moved by something, I wouldn’t personally consider it art. Therefore, I believe that people create their own experiences, and what may be a masterpiece to some is nothing to others. By sharing these feelings we are connected.

I believe that we need to face our issues instead of running from them. The worst thing is when I try to talk to someone about a serious issue, and then the next day they pretend like it never happened. How are things supposed to get better or change if they won’t listen or learn? When we do not face our problems, they tend to continue and probably get worse. We need to deal with things before they grow into something we can’t deal with anymore. By facing our problems head on we are able to tackle them right away.

I have always felt that everyone on this planet is interconnected. Anything anyone does can affect someone else at any time. Even though people may not meet directly, they can still affect the lives of others. For example, when someone drops a bomb in a war, they are greatly changing the lives of people they will probably never meet. And when someone writes a beautiful song, they are affecting the lives of everyone who listens to it, even though they may never meet. Each person has the ability to be so powerful in so many ways, both good and bad. Each person should find a way to change the life of someone for the better. That would create a new and better world.