This I Believe

Kara - Gilbert, Arizona Afganistan
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Control Technology

“I want this, I must have that, and oh I just can’t live without those!” These words fill the young mouths of former innocent and satisfied children of past generations. If there’s anything amiss and misguided in our corrupt society, it’s the fact of there being too high of abundance in technology. It seems to me that, the more technology advances, the more unsatisfied and needy the human race becomes.

If the cavemen, ancient and insensate, could continue through life with only loincloths and tools make from surrounding sticks, I’m rather sure that we don’t need all of these materialistic items that now seem to be so prominent in our individual lives. Becoming more and more greedy, each generation has everything imaginable at their fingertips. People as a whole are becoming intensely dependent on technology to the point where it’s dramatically ridiculous.

A prime example of reliance on technology would be the handy-dandy remote. Even I have succumbed to this ridiculous need. The remote for the television, the remote for the stereo, the remote for my bedroom light and fan. The most hysterical event to witness is an individual whom misplaces the television remote. They will search the entire house, up and down, all day long before they will ever walk a horrifying 10 feet to change the TV manually. I can’t even comprehend how devastating ones life would be without this essential tool. The results would be rather traumatizing if we suddenly couldn’t control our materials with the click of a button. And of course sarcasm was the tone presiding in my last sentences.

With all the technology and tall sky-scraping buildings blocking most the luscious landscape, most everyone seems to take the beauty in nature into low regards. And instead of gazing upon the luscious green valley hills, the thick red brick and smog are now our landscaped view. If I sit back and take just a millisecond to appreciate the earth and beautiful nature life around me, I can be free from all the worldly wants and necessities. I can also teach my children to love what they have not what they want, and to love what they need not what they desire. I can help delay the corruption in some lives but a moment if I myself can take myself away from this world but a millisecond.