This I Believe

Brandon - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Am Alone

Through high school we see the emotions fly, people in relationships left and right and bad break ups causing depression to teenagers. Little did I know this could be such a dangerous thing.

Not too long ago I was in what I thought was a serous relationship. With in this relationship I gave it my all, anything that I ever had I put in to our relationship. This soon led into the idea that this girl was the only thing I had in life. I had the feeling that without this girl, I could not live, think, or even react to anything. I was in love.

As time passed, and after a dreadful brake up, I came to realize that everything I share with someone shouldn’t be for her or our relationship. Everything I do should be for the happiness of myself. Going out because I like the connection, dating because I like seeing her happy, and breaking up because of what I don’t like in our relationship.

Throughout life we see people helping others with, what it seems like, no gain. Little did I know these people are being courteous because it makes them selves happy. How I feel about my self is the only thing that I have now, and because of that, I am alone.

I did not learn this until I was already in a relationship, where everything I did was for her and not myself. Because of this our brake up was the worse feeling I have ever had. I soon got over this feeling because I started doing things based on what I truly feel, and not pleasing every one else.

Many teens do not learn this concept I have learned so much from. If this does happen, it can be very dangerous, leaving a person to fell like they failed and just want to give it all up. I believe that I am all alone, and what I do should be for my own happiness, because without self-happiness, we are all in danger.