This I Believe

Gareth - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe that life is full of choices, choices that dictate whether or not succession or failure is in the cards for one’s life. Often I see people make a choice that is profound or even small that alters their lives in negative or positive ways. I encountered a situation where my life would be determined by the stupid choices I made, luckily I made the right one.

My junior year in high school was a tumultuous time for me. I was tired of school and everyday life; I needed a detachment, that detachment was found in marijuana. I started smoking marijuana just occasionally, telling myself that it would not get out of hand, however recreational use became a habit. Marijuana became a crutch for myself it became a necessity for everyday life. Instead of buying food with my lunch money that my mom would give me, I would spend the money on my vice, marijuana. My grades and relationships with people began to deteriorate because of this habit.

Then one night I was smoking pot with my friends and I had a seizure. I did not know it was from a bad batch of weed that we had bought. This however still did not detour me, it actually made me more obsessive. I found a job to help purchase more of the drug to detach myself from life even more. My trend of smoking now exceeded to smoking three to four times a day.

Then one day I smoked marijuana before I went to the mall. Upon entering the mall I collapsed and had a very dangerous seizure. My heart raced up to 170 beats per minute and I almost went into cardiac arrest. I went to my mother’s hospital and took a drug test. When my test results came back positive I couldn’t look my mother in her eyes because of the disappointment written on her face. That night I sat in the hospital and thought about my life. I thought about other drugs that I could take but then I thought about my friends and family. I did not want to end up being a drug addict. I thought about my friend’s brothers, both have which had serious drug problems, I realized the pain they caused their families and the potential they lost and which they once bestowed. I realized I needed to make a change and focus my life in a more positive way.

Even though not all choices are similar to mine, choices people make dictate what their life will become. Whether it is a college one might attend or wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle, these choices decide the outcome of one’s life. I believe that life’s about choices, luckily I chose the right one.