This I Believe

Kari - Higley, Arizona
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Love For All

Growing up in a small town close to San Francisco was a huge experience that allowed me to have an open mind to all that surround me. I was raised around all different types of people: Caucasian, African-American, Cambodian, Chinese, East Indian and more. I was also brought up in a community of people that live “alternative lifestyles” such as gays and lesbians. Many friends and some family members were apart of interracial and homosexual relationships. It surprises me how some people could be so closed-minded and not be able to accept alternative relationships. I believe that people who are against relationships that they do not partake in do not know the possibilities for love.

When trying to find out what this word “love” supposedly means, I searched through Websters Dictionary to find that love is merely a strong affection, devotion, and an unselfish and loyal relationship. Love does not inquire about the gender or race of a relationship, but the values a person withholds within them and their partner. It is not up for people to judge who can and who cannot be in a relationship together. The only people with control over acting on their emotions are the people who choose to do so. Love is not forced upon them, just like it is not forced upon heterosexual or biracial relationships.

The people that I know that are apart of an uncommon relationship and they are put through a lot of unnecessary situations. People constantly pestering them, making rude remarks to their faces and behind their backs, the disgusted facial expressions and derogatory slanders are painful, even for me to hear. They have the same love for each other as anyone else, and they should not be looked down upon. They are people too, and I do not understand how people cannot grasp that fact. Some say it is a choice to be in that sort of a relationship, but they might not ever look at it from the opposing point of view. When I hear people talk badly about others I often wonder if they know how it would feel to be on the other side, being the one that is being made fun of. People that are not accepting of relationships other than their own do not know what love is or the possibilities it has. This, I believe.