This I Believe

Janelle - Higley, Arizona
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Miracles do Come True

I started believing in miracles when I was five years old. I know that is young to start believing in something that is so incredible. The reason I started believing that miracles do happen is because my best friends mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She miraculously recovered it with the little hope she was given. I knew that only God could make that miracle happen. I have seen a many miracles happen first hand with myself. I went through five car accidents and three of the cars were totaled out of the five that I was in. I walked away with no injuries from it.

I remember it like yesterday when my friend came over to my house crying and scared that her mommy was sick, with breast cancer she recovered from it by having the lump removed. The second time she got it was even scarier because the doctors gave her little hope that she was going to live. We prayed for her everyday and it was truly a miracle with her radiation and chemo and with Gods help that she lived through her battle a second time.

The other reason why I am a true believer in miracles is because I have been through several myself. I had several car accidents last year and three of my cars were totaled. The accidents were bad the other people were injured but I was not injured and I believe that it is a miracle that all I walked away with from those accidents was a few scratch and bruises and the memory of the loud crash.

The reason I believe in miracles is because I have witnessed them first hand. With my friends mom and her battle with breast cancer and with myself personally with my car accidents that I went through. It is truly a miracle that we are both alive.