This I Believe

Nathan - Higley, Arizona
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Enjoy Yourself

The alarm clock rings at five in the morning, a young man slams it off while it is playing the morning traffic report. He gets up, prepares for work, and grabs a disgusting granola bar that he pretends to enjoy as he walks out the door. After an hour drive, going an average speed of two miles per hour, he arrives at work where he stares at his computer for eight hours. The workday is finally over and the young man makes his trip back home where he can eat a fast food dinner and catch the day’s sports highlights. The lights finally go off as the man prepares for tomorrow, which will sadly end up being exactly like today.

Life is short, and everyone should take advantage of every minute of every day. This does not mean quit work, live in your parent’s basement, and eat ho-ho’s all day. It means one must find ways to make things more enjoyable. Find ways that will make the boring trip to work more fun, find ways to make the eight-hour workday more bearable, and when that workday is over live for the moment. Do not be scared to call your friends over on a Wednesday night. Play sports, drink, do things that you love to do all the time. Life is about enjoying yourself.

The alarm clock rings at five in the morning, a young man gets up slowly while enjoying his favorite tune that is blasting out of his clock radio. He prepares himself for work, leaving just enough time to enjoy some flapjacks. The man then gets into his car and inserts his favorite disc, preparing for an hour drive of rocking out to life. He then arrives at work where he gets some much-needed work done and peeps his head over his cubicle to ask a good friend of his to lunch. The workday is over and the man switches into some shorts and a t-shirt. He meets all of his buddies at the gym where they enjoy a few pick up games of basketball. After a good run he concludes the night with a trip to happy hour and some more enjoyable hours with his dogs. The man then goes home and goes to sleep with the intent of waking up the next morning and starting it all over again.

I love life, and there are a lot of situations that I am in that could be unbearable, but instead of letting them be boring I find ways to make them great. I imagine myself in a few years being the second young man, the man who takes advantage of life the way everybody should.