This I Believe

Dae Hyun - Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that I can do anything I want to do. The only thing is that the actual wanting to do a specific thing is very rare. The actual want is when I’m focusing so hard on what I want, that I become totally blind and deaf to everything that’s going on around me, because I know that the one thing I want to do is the only that can satisfy me.

For me, the one thing I wanted since freshman year was to study at Northwestern in college. For a whole year, my mind was set solely on that one college, and I saw it as the key step in pursuing my medical career. For three straight years, I focused intensely on my studies, trying to get good enough grades that would be deemed acceptable to the college. Sure, there were several bumps and falls during those three years, but every time I lost focus and was about to give up, my desire and want forced me to put myself together in time to keep pursuing my goal. For three years, my desire and will to get into Northwestern University never wavered, and they were the driving force behind my academic success. Then the day came, December of 2006, the notification of my acceptance into Northwestern came to me, and from that day on I knew that I could do anything I wanted as long as I had the thirst and fire for it.

I believe that this is what Hall of Fame athletes, renowned historical figures, and top politicians have. I believe that their desire and ability to try to achieve their goals beat out anyone else who lacked in comparison to them. Sure there are many great athletes in the world, but there are only a select few, who we deem elite and Hall of Fame material. It’s these people that have mastered the idea of actual wanting. One thing I noticed about different athletes is that athletes who say, “I want to be better,” are different from athletes who say, “I want to be the best.” Just from their statements I realized that the want and desire of the two athletes were completely different: The former wishes to be better, whereas the latter WANTS to be better. It’s this slight difference in mindset and focus that defines whether a person is good, or great.

I believe that this concept is the key in the growth of the world. Now, whenever I set out to do something, I know that I will never be satisfied unless I focus all my attention and all my desire into that one thing. I believe I can succeed and do what I want in this world, as long as I can make what I want into an actual WANT.