This I Believe

Anne - Marshfield, Missouri
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family, hope, love

This I Believe

Each day, or at least most days can be the best day we have ever had, if we believe it is.

The very best day of my life happened in the early 1950 when my brother had the winning ticket for a new bike at the Christmas party given by the owners of the plant where my Mother worked at a die press for Yale and Town in what was then a small town in Virginia. My brother handed me the ticket and told me I had won the bike and it was mine to claim. We lived in 3 rooms over a store, had no car but that was the best day of my life. I would never be happier I thought.

At the time, I felt the best day of my life was when I was driven to college and left on my own for the first time in my life. Now you are talking true happiness.

Well, perhaps the day in 1965 when I married my husband, then a dashing naval officer, was the best day in my life and I would never, no matter how long I lived, have a more blissful day. I believed that surely that was the best day of my life. How could I be happier? The one I loved loved me in return and we were about to embark on a life that would take us to many countries around the world. This was bliss.

Well, let’s think for a moment; the days my children were born, they had to be best days of my life. I just can’t think of any thing that could make me happier. Children of my own. Whole, healthy, fat babies. No one could be happier. And to think that at the age of 25, I had had my happiest moments in life. Life was good.

But wait, at the beginning of the new century, I became a grandmother. A small thing, so pink and helpless, how could this child make this the happiest day of my life? This is true happiness. This small child, above all, I believed, had made this the best day possible.

In looking back, the two constants that seem to bring happiness are the people we love, not what we have, and the belief that we can help make others and ourselves happy.

I have had the joy of childhood, the warmth of a loving family, the privilege of returning to those who have loved me, my love to them. I believe I have now had the most happy days of my life. There just can’t be anymore.

But wait, here comes……………………….,

I believe I will have a few more, “ the most wonder day of my life”. I’ll just see to it that I do.