This I Believe

Maggie - Dallas, Texas
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My beliefs original come from my perception of life. I could not say that some one has shaped my beliefs about religion, politics, crimes, and drugs. I discovered these attributes through growth. I could not say that someone inspired me to think a certain way because know one has. I live with a great family with a loving mom and dad that has steered me in the right direction but I never let that get in the way, with my personal beliefs. My mom is Catholic, my dad is Pressperterian and I do not go by those beliefs although I do have strong belief about faith. My family is Republican but I oppose a lot about that party where I believe I fit more with a liberal crowd. I believe everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I have been inspired through my parent’s golden rules which are, respect, manners, and the idea, to never waste your talents. These are beliefs that have helped me become a better person as I get older. These are good qualities to have in life and to carry on to your next generation. I believe based off my parent’s discipline to raise my children with the same rules they brought me up with. I believe that you are to have your own beliefs about religion, war, politics and more so that you stand strong for what you believe in. Having this independence will give you confidence and never be allowed to brain washed by society.