This I Believe

Austin - Higley, Arizona
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Choose Reality

Leader, “Looking for tank for Kara!” Player, “I can come.” Leader, “what spec are you?” Player, “I am a feral druid with over fourteen thousand armor.” Leader, “Ok, but this is a sixteen hour raid. You have to stay the whole time.” Player, “ok, I can go…”

People will do almost anything to escape the reality of the world they live in. From harmful drugs and drinking all the way to TV and video games. Anything that allows or makes someone leave his or her problems behind is a type of escape of reality. My escape was video games. I played them pretty modestly, nothing to extreme. Then a few hard times and troubling events came my way. My sister was divorced; my brother was going threw his rebellion so me and him did not speak to each other. Lastly my girlfriend and me broke up.

All I wanted to do was escape everything, my family problems and I did not want to think of my ex-girlfriend at all. I would everyday for three months go and lock myself in my room and play video games for hours and hours on end.

My grades dropped dramatically, I became very irritable to be around and I secluded myself from reality. My life was getting out of hand. I looked at my playtime for one of the games I had been playing that I started when I secluded my self. For the three months I had been playing, I had over a month in playtime. The reality of what this game was doing to me hit me with a devastating blow. I took my computer and ripped it from the monitor. I was escaping reality by wasting my life.

My life is coming back to normal. People want to be around me, my family enjoys my company around the dinner table. School is becoming something I understand and enjoy, not something that was pulling me away from my computer. Hey I even have a girl that I am dating!

I know from first hand that anything that takes someone out of reality can and will deteriorate who a person is. The problems that exist will be there when the alternate reality is shut off. I choose to live in this world. I choose to face reality and not hide any more.