This I Believe

Kristi - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

It is the greatest disappointment in life to know you have the ability to do something and still not do it. If life throws opportunities in your face, you should not cower but embrace them and any conflicts they come with. Every person, no matter how horrible, has some inner good, but their true character is revealed in how they use it. Taking your time to help others is one way to display this good and it can be so simple. Anything as simple as opening a door, smiling at a stranger, or helping with directions can actually impact someone’s entire life. Think back on any stressful day you’ve had, and how much the smallest things can help turn that day around. Now imagine how great a help you can be in actually spending time helping others. No matter how unfortunate you consider yourself to be, there is always someone who can use your help. Like everyone’s inner good, everyone has their problems. It’s up to you to display your more positive qualities.

Life is based off this balance of good and bad. Without good, one can’t have bad, and without bad one can’t have good. God gave us the power to impact each other’s lives. We should not let our impacts be negative. If you experience something exceptional, it’s padding for the not so amazing experiences; the bad times in life only make the good times sweeter, bad experiences teach lessons and make the good ones greater.

You really have to be honest with your emotions and feelings with the short time that you have. If it’s funny, laugh; it’s upsetting, cry; if you’re angry, curse; and if you’re excited, let yourself be heard! Make sure that you experience every emotion so as not to look back at the end and realize you didn’t get to feel one way. Let yourself indulge in emotion and feelings, such as love and relationships. As you experience life, link every sight, sound, and taste to an emotion. Don’t every just let something hit you and not take anything from it.

Surround yourself with your own likes and traits. You are the only person like you, so why not embrace it? I believe in a relationship with God, smiles, giggles, chocolate chip cookies, baby animals, Audrey Hepburn, old movies, doo wop music, seventies punk music, sandy beaches, warm sunsets, Hello Kitty, and glittery collages. I believe in the disabled community, children, swing sets, animal rights, more importantly human rights, and speaking your thoughts. I believe in the establishment of the golden

rule and what they told us in elementary school. If we got sent to the principal’s office as children for fist fights, where is our government sent for bombs?

I believe in gardens and dancing, singing to the radio and skipping barefoot. Bicycle rides and retro clothes; sarcasm and political arguments. I believe in love.