This I Believe

Crystal - San Diego, California
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Soap and Water Always Come in Handy

I believe that people should always have their hands clean. When someone wakes up to wash their face or take a shower, then brush their teeth, they should always wash their hands as well. I personally, wash my hands with soap and water at least ten times a day. Having clean hands is important since it gives good hygiene which helps make money as well as give good first impressions.

I have been around for seventeen years since 1990 to know that bad hygiene is bad for the body. Keeping good hygiene is healthier and cleaner which is a reason why I believe people should always have their hands clean. For instance, when I am done doing my hair, I wash my hands in order to wash off the gel and have them spotless. After I go to the restroom, and before and after I have eaten, I also wash my hands. This helps me keep good hygiene and get rid of those germs that could infect me in any way.

Good hygiene is good for the body as well as for economic opportunities. Hand washing can help you make money, since this has to do with the appearance. Good appearance, better chances in life. This is true as for good first impressions, as for not disgusting people. With cleaner everything, we open doors of opportunities into our wonderful lives for example, the first time you see someone and introduce yourself or they introduce themselves, they put out their hand and welcome you with it. I think of an example as having a job interview, being in a hurry, the strawberries and cream starbucks frappuccino spilling all over my hands, but instead of stopping by the restroom that happens to be less than five feet away to wash my hands, rushing into the office and say “Good morning, sorry I’m late, there was just so much traffic outside.” The first thing that the boss expects is a handshake and if I don’t make the first move to interact with this “future boss of mine” then he will be disappointed. Because of the hands being dirty, a fly could even sneak into the room and land on my hands as well as follow hand gestures making the one interviewing that I did not shower. This would be a negative point and with no job, no money.

Also, as it has been taught to me as being of good moral, clean hands tell a lot about a person’s personality. If it is the first time meeting someone and their hand is dirty with black or brown in their nails, then you may be somewhat disgusted and do not really want to shake it at all. If this were me I would be hurt although it was my fault for not washing my hands. The five minutes of washing your hands will make a person’s life easier. I believe that this door gives much more outcomes if done many times to improve our social and economic lives.