This I Believe

Daniel - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that we are made social beings. We are created in the image of a God who created and values community. We were not meant to live in solitude. I believe that people are living in solitude even thought they walk past thousands of people everyday. It is the false faces, false bravados, and fake smiles that create walls between people. From experience, I know that people who try to destroy or prevent true community are cowards. These people are often the people who are talking the loudest, out of fear and loneliness. Communication is the answer. Growing up, my parents used arguments between my brother and I as teaching sessions on communication. I learned that it is everyone’s desire to be heard and not ignored. I have found that in order to be heard, one must listen first. And in order to have friends, one must be one to others. Isaac Newton was on to more than the laws of motion when he talked about actions and their reactions.

I believe a relationship cannot be meaningful without love. Not necessarily romantic love, but the love that comes from respect for another. There is no true trust, no intimacy, and no growth without love. All of humanity seeks love. Anyone who has listened to the radio lately cannot dispute this. The vast majority of songs ever written are about love, and I believe they will continue to be. I believe in a loving God, one who has given us our talents, abilities, and above all choice. Maximus said it to his troops best in Gladiator, “What we do in this life, echoes in eternity.” I know that there is a life everlasting after this one, and that this life is not meaningless. I am a strong believer in purpose, which is not to be confused with fate. Using the fact that everybody has unique abilities as evidence, I believe that everyone on this Earth has a reason for being here, and have been given those talents for a specific mission. I believe that it is some people’s purpose, but everyone’s duty, to help those who are in need. I believe that it is the duty of the wealthy to feed the poor, the healthy to care for the sick, and the free to love the imprisoned. We are not here to just look out for ourselves. We, as humans, should stand together and not apart. Money is one of the greatest tools and also one of the greatest corruptions of this world. One’s integrity, honor, or reputation should not be exchanged for money or success.

I believe that Jesus was in fact the Son of God and that death should not be feared. I believe that life can be long and fulfilling if driven by a purpose. In our world the power of encouragement is vastly overlooked. I embrace the Beatles philosophy that all you need is love. Love for God, love for yourself, and love for others.