This I Believe

Lauren - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in never giving up. In the beginning of high school I lived a safe life. I didn’t try out for things that I wouldn’t make; I didn’t try and make new friends. I was content, but I was not really living life to its potential. Every day my dad would ask me when I was going out, join a club, take a risk, and be a part of something. I would answer in a huff that I fine I didn’t need anything or anyone. Finally I gave into my dad and I auditioned for the musical at our school. I didn’t make it. Then I auditioned for the next few plays and musicals. I didn’t make any of the shows. I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I had tried and failed and I am not the type of person who handles failure well. After my last attempt to make a show I went and talked to one of our directors. I felt like I should just give up and I was hoping that she would have some great life changing inspirational advice for me. Well it changed my opinions on life but not in the way I thought it would. When I got there she told me that my “voice just wasn’t strong enough and there was nothing I could do, it just never would be good enough”. That night I talked to my dad about how I felt about everything that had been going on. He felt bad that he had pushed me to work hard and audition and nothing had come out of it, but he told me how proud of me he was and that was all I needed to hear. When he left I made a promise to myself that I would never give up and I would make a show at Fremd if it took me the rest of high school. So that summer I took dance and voice lessons and learned all of the music by heart. At auditions I pulled it off and I made the musical and not just that but I was a lead in it. All of my hard work paid off and I couldn’t have done anything without my dad. He taught me to always believe in myself and keep working hard to achieve my goals. My belief in always believing in myself comes from my father and without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today!