This I Believe

Albert - windsor, South Carolina
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children, respect


I believe that you should respect others like you would want to be respected.

When I was in the second or third grade no one liked me most of the time.

I was a very shy child like most children are at that age. I was a little different I was

always hungry. So I asked people if they were going to eat their food and if they did not I

got it and ate it. I was also a little strange for that age and most of the time people had no

trouble sating it. It went on like that for about two or three years and some of the stuff the

people did ranges from the repulsive to the just plain nasty. I never thought to tell anyone

because I am not that kind of person. In this time period people would give me a

sandwich with buggers in it. How they never got in trouble is the stunning part. After I

noticed these sick jokes I told someone. I never found out what happened to them nether

did I care. Now about 5 or 6 years later I have a lot of friends in high school. I will never

forget those who played those mean jokes on me. These people played these jokes on me

did not have the one thing you need in the real world self-discipline.