This I Believe

Michael - aiken, South Carolina
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Work to Live

I believe that you work to live, not you live to work. People in this world now a day’s are living to work. but we should be working to live. All of these big business people are living to work. All they want is to make money. They couldn’t live without having a big-time job. All I would want is a good-paying job that will support a family and have some extra to buy stuff and go places. I’m not real big on being the richest butt-hole that everyone hates. I’m more wanting to be the cool old guy that has a family and a few nice things. It’s not about being the biggest, best, richest guy. It’s about how you can handle being the biggest richest guy. Ok, let’s take Bill Gates and Donald Trump for example. Bill Gates can handle his money. He gives a lot of what he makes to charity’s. But Donald on the other hand is all about making money. Bill may be the richest man but he doesn’t stay in the news about casino’s and divorces with wives. But if you were to compare bill to a normal person like me, then he would seem that he lives to work. I work to live which means that I don’t want to make a whole lot of money. But just to have enough to support myself pretty good on food and other things. I’ve maybe have $10 on me right now. I can’t give to charities and build nice casino’s because I work to live. All I need is me and my family and enough money to get me by. I’m not a material man. When my house burnt down in spring break of 06’, I realized how much that I cared for my family than “things”. But I’ll be honest, if I was to think of something I needed I would be like, dang that burned in the house. But if my new house was to burn down right now It wouldn’t matter to me as long as my family got out safe. I would have a million dollar football in their and I wouldn’t care as long as my family is safe. But for some people their home is all they have. But I’ll tell you right now, you cant replace memories. But I will have the rest of my like to make more memories. But for now I believe that I will just work to live.