This I Believe

Chiao - GILBERT, Arizona
Entered on May 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Making the Right Decision

I believe we choose our own roads in life. There are many different kinds of road in life. Some are the smooth and steady pavement, some are muddy paths. Every road leads us to a different journey, along the journey; we meet new people, face different challenges. No matter if it’s smooth or perilous; we all need to make a choice.

Four years ago, I faced my biggest crossroad in life, to stay in my hometown, or to immigrate to U.S. To live the life my parents provide, or to explore my own. November 7, 2002 was a freezing night when I arrived at U.S. I was stranded by our eleven enormous suitcases outside of Pearl Harbor Airport along with my parents and my two younger brothers. When the cold wind blew across my face, it felt like thousands of needles prick into my skin. I watched the blue eyed, blond haired strangers passing the crowd in a fast speed; hugging and kissing goodbye their beloved ones while waiting for my mom’s friend to pick us up from the airport. I looked at the unfamiliar cities through the frosty window of a Honda Odyssey Minivan, listened to the call-ins on the radio station as we drove by; thinking this is where I am going to stay for the next eight years, at least. I told myself this is the road I choose, a difficult and arduous endless road.

After everything settled down, I began to go to school. I had no idea what was going on, why did students gather in the gym? Why did we have to say the pledge every morning? Why did we have to change classes every period when there was only six minutes in between? I didn’t understand the lectures, couldn’t communicate with anybody. Therefore, the school placed me in the English as Second Language program with twenty other kids who couldn’t speak English either. I felt down, I hated school! I tried to catch up English by watching hours of TV, looking up words in the dictionary from advertisements to electricity bills. I repeated the same things over and over again for months. I began to wonder, is this what I want? Is coming to U.S a right decision?

After four years living in America, I know I made the right decision. Even though I’ve been through a lot of tough experiences, I don’t regret it. Coming to U.S truly change my personality, my way of living, and my social environment. I am more independent, have many close friends, and have met people from all kinds of ethnic groups. I know I am choosing the right road in my life.

Life has many roads. The road you choose can make big differences, the road you choose can bring you all kinds of surprises, and the road you choose can change your whole life, this I believe.