This I Believe

Karvika - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Entered on May 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

This I Believe

I believe that love is the deepest truth of human existence. It is the single most beautiful emotion that humans can experience. Indeed, everyone is capable of love, and everyone has experienced some form of love that sustains their human life.

There seems to be a general opinion that there are different kinds of love. I think that love is a single but separate emotion. Love is love, no matter whom or what you love. It is not even the degree of emotion shown that distinguishes whom or what you love in what way, but it is the way you show your love.

I love my mother and my father. I love my cousins and my friends. I love chocolate cake and cooked spicy mustard leaves. I love them all, and love is a single emotion. I show my love in different ways, but I love them all for the same reason. I love my parents because they take care of me. I love my friends and cousins because they play with me and I am never lonely. I love chocolate cake because it caters to my taste buds. I love everything I love because they give me something in my time of need. The same is true for other humans. This is a cycle of love that sustains the human society.

Of course, there have always been disbelievers. People ask how love can be the truth when the world is filled with ‘terrorists’, murderers, rapists, and religious and political extremists who defy every philosophy of love? I myself have asked the same question once. When Nepalese Maoists bombed schools, abducted people to torture and kill them, and committed so many atrocities on the innocent human population that it was difficult to believe in the truth of love. Love is beautiful, but these acts were not. But I now know that these are too the products of love. Love for power, human suffering, personal gain, sexual release, and even revenge for love. All for the sake of love.

Love is still beautiful, even though it can produce such hateful actions. It is beautiful to the people who do love whatever they love. After all, hatred is the result of love. And forgiveness too, is love. People have loved from the beginning of time. Their love has sustained them, and their future generations, who are too a result of love- love for family, sex or for power.

Love is the truth, which is why it is immortal too. People will die but love will not. Love will exist as long as there is life in the world. It is the only human emotion that transcends gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and all other human establishments. Love will live on, because love is love.