This I Believe

Kendra - Cave Creek, Arizona
Entered on May 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

What I believe is to believe. Believe you can travel the world, but settle for just down the street. Believe you can touch someone’s heart, but be just as happy if you make them giggle once or twice. Believe you can fail, but never give up. Finally, believe in yourself, and expect nothing less.

First, believe in listening, not talking. Through my many years at Cactus Shadows, I can, honestly, say that is the best piece of advice I could give someone. When you hear someone telling you a rumor, just do what is best, smile and nod, then, act like nothing happened and move on with your life. It’s just better to shut your mouth because it saves them the embarrassment of that rumor and saves you from looking like an ass if that person ever finds out.

Next, believe in one trust. What I mean by this is find someone to trust and trust only that one. If you just have one, it saves you the confusion if that one trust ever told, but if you have two or more, and you told them in secrecy, you will forever not know who told the rumor, and in the worst case scenario, lose that one trust and gain a one, big backstabber.

Believe in forgive but never forget. The bible says you should be forgiving to those who did you wrong, but what the bible does not say is that you should forget of what they have done to you. A lot of people in my life have put me down, hurt me, and stabbed me so many times in the heart, I’m not sure if my heart’s still beating. Ironically, I am still on talking terms with a lot of those people, but I have not forgotten of what they have done to me, and I will not let them forget it either. This way, I try to let myself be a better person, while, at the same time, getting wiser and smarter to keep track of every move they make so they won’t hurt me again.

So, being here on the Cactus Shadows campus is not always the best campus in the world, but it damn sure makes you wiser beyond your years. Some people choose not to see all the wisdom and knowledge they can learn here, and some just choose to be oblivious to it all. Me, I choose to gain something from being here rather than slaving away to textbooks. Honestly, I won’t retain a thing as soon as that final bell rings.