This I Believe

Angelica - Mesa, Arizona
Entered on May 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Ever since I was little, I’ve believed in optimism. It’s all over the news, they rant on and on about the war and murders. Life, to me, is more than that. People can’t see past the thick cloud of hatred and pure evil. Life has much more than what is happening in the background, it has love, friendships, family, and much more. A life where you realize what is happening but still have an optimistic view of the future, of everything.

As Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Pessimism never won any battle.” This is a quote to remember, to embellish in. If the U.S. believed that we would lose a war and not be a tad bit optimistic, where would we be today? Where would this country be at this exact moment? It would be in ashes. It’s bad now? No, not really, there are other countries in a mess and all people can think about is how bad it is here. If everyone was pessimistic, so struck on a dark and dreary ending, then there is no success possible. I believe living in a world where you think you cannot succeed is no way to live. Rising to the top from the bottom of anything never succeeds with pessimism. I’m sure that every famous president would agree that optimism is the key to success, to victory. Even in our modern day and age, people prove each other wrong that they can do it, that they can make it through.

I’ve heard it before, the rant of failure that is sure to come. It’s the shaking of the heads, thinking, almost knowing that you will fall on your face in failure. An optimistic view of knowing it will be difficult, knowing it will take a lot of work and dedication is already a lot weight. In anything that I do, especially the one I find difficult, I look at it and think about the good outcome, how I can make it through.

My parents have told me that life is hard but it’s even harder living a life where you think you cannot possible succeed. This is what I believe and the only way I think I could possibly live. A life that lets me walk on water, chiefly because I believe I can. I could never live a life of thinking I always fail and there is never a good outcome. I believe optimism is the key to a brighter future. And the brighter future is the outcome of optimism.