This I Believe

Shuby - Kathmandu, Nepal
Entered on May 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Finding Friends

Friendship (n): the quality or condition of being friends.

Friend (n): a comrade; a person who you trust, can rely on, a support system.

I believe in friendship; a quality which entails many qualities, like trust and honesty. Each individual has their own ideas of what a true friendship represents; each individual has their own way of figuring out who their real friends are.

Five years ago, I was confused and alone. I did not really know much about friends, nor did it occur to me that I was the type person who needed some support all the way. I hung out alone and spent a lot of my free time in the library, hiding among scores of novels, doing what I loved to do best: Reading, for I connected to characters who did not seem to have much purpose in the story, those, who would appear for brief moments and not do anything.

On one hand there were the characters that played a part in every event, laughing, joking around and just having fun; but then there were the characters who sat in their own little corner, trying to avoid everyone: Pariahs. Trying to ostracize themselves from the social scenes, unaware about what is going on around them; the characters who just stay to themselves, eating away their feelings. That is how I felt five years ago, but there was a character trait that kept me from staying that way: I was curious, always wondering about everything works and always observing everyone around me. This small difference between me and the quiet characters in books aided me in finding people who I could trust, look up to, laugh with or even cry with. It assisted me in finding friends.

Now, after these five years, everything has changed. I’ve started new with a group of people who I can look up to and get support from. Along with this group, there are other people who I can go to. I have let out my deepest thoughts and seen the ways in which I have affected them. My friends have shown me different ways of coping with myself and forgetting about the bad things in life. Despite the fact that many of these people are leaving after this year, I still try to carry on with the moment and enjoy their presence as much as I can before they leave.

The group that I hang out with has four people who know me and who notice when there is something wrong. But there are also two people who are not part of this group, two people from another group that I do not really hang out, but with who I can touch into closely. I wonder if they might even know me better than I know myself.

The people that I had the chance to hang out with this year, all had a way to help me; they have shown me to keep my head up high no matter what people say, to not give up. My friends have found ways to get me back on my feet when I was down, to make me realize that life is not all about the bad moments, there are many good moments as well. But no matter what happens, I would not be alone, I would always have support no matter where I go. I would have friends.