This I Believe

Gabbi - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


If they don’t like you, it don’t matter, because they’re stupid if they don’t like you- Raven

What if everybody was all alone? What if everybody held their feelings inside and never shared them? I believe in friendship. I didn’t used to. In fifth grade, for me, there was no such thing. People were just tools to cause hurt. I got sick because I was so lonely. That all changed when I met Raven.

Raven is smart, funny, and all around cool. She is like a goddess in the modern world. She is my friend. When I met her, I was wary because I thought she was like the others. She wasn’t. She taught me that their was such think as true friendship, you just have to look behind the popularity system that schools thrive on. Lesson 1 was the looking faze. We just sat around at the popular’s hang out and looked at them. I was confused. Raven said, “ Look behind the prettiness of their faces into their soul. Look at them when they turn away from their ‘ friends’.” And I saw. They were hurt just like you and me. Even…unconfident. Then, she showed me real people. People like Genny and Nicole and Emily. I saw the difference. Raven saved me from a life of solitude.

Raven also showed me how to be a friend. I remember one day we were sitting on the edge of the yellow slide at my apartment complex, and she said “ You got to be a friend, Leather( her nickname for me).” “How?” I asked. “You just got to love.” She replied. Raven taught me how to be a smart, strong, and tough chick. She taught me how to make everything right.

Raven made me believe in friendship, but not that wussy kind. She made me believe in hardcore friendship, where the friends care about what happens to each other.

My life has been so much better with friendship. I’m not lonely anymore. I now have many true friends. I don’t get sick like I used to. Friendship saved my life.

Now in the world, you need friendship, love, and hope to face the war. I hope my belief spreads to other people so we can finally achieve the ultimate goal…peace. This I believe.