This I Believe

Christy - Dallas, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that in this day and age if a person was asked what they would be willing to die for, he or she would be most likely to respond with his or her religion myself included. Though I think in order to make such a bold statement, I should be very confident and convinced. In college, I feel I could benefit from meeting people of different religions.

Currently in this world, the clashing of religions is overwhelming and the ignorance toward others is even more so. In my opinion, to be secure in one’s faith he or she should be well informed in other religions and cultures to make a sound decision about his or her own. I was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment where I was free to make my own decisions about my religious orientation. Since I was twelve, I have woken myself up Sunday mornings and gotten my mom to take me to church. Later on, I drove myself to church. I still have no idea what has motivated me to do this especially because I have never tried anything else. But because I do go to church and bible study regularly, I have a very strong faith and background of Christianity.

This summer I spent three weeks living on a 50 foot sail boat with thirteen other crew mates in the British Virgin Islands. We spent three weeks learning to sail the boat but most importantly learning about each other. During the course of the trip I came ti find out that one other crewmate and I were the only Christians onboard. Everyone else was Jewish. Before the trip I knew the basic about this religion, but not specifics. My new friends talked about their favorite holidays and how they celebrate them. Also I learned about what Kosher is. I knew it was something that Jews did, but now I know that they do not mix meat and dairy. Because of this trip I feel a little less ignorant. And in the future I can more effectively socialize, sympathize, and respect Jews and their traditions.

On my trip I gained knowledge about Judaism, but I realize there are so many other religions I feel I need to enlighten myself in. I hope in college I will get the opportunity to do this. In order to rid myself of my ignorance and to be truly sensitive to others I will make it my goal to be open minded to new people and their cultures. Though this is just the beginning of my journey, I think it is a great start to an important part of not only strengthening my own faith but coming to learn about and appreciate others as well.