This I Believe

Marty - corvallis, Oregon
Entered on May 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Keep It To Yourself

In today’s world where people are open about everything in their lives, there aren’t many things people aren’t willing to share about their personal lives. Everything from homosexuality, political views, religious beliefs and sex lives, to how they “feel.” America has become way too open about their own personal lives.

I believe people should keep their own private matters in their life to themselves. Frankly, no one is interested to hear that you just had sex for the third time this week, or that it was with a fellow man. If you want to be that way, fine. Just keep it to yourself. If you want to share something about your personal life, find someone who you can trust in to share it with, don’t announce it to a large group of people you can hardly call friends. When you do that, people start telling other people, and eventually you’ve got rumors started.

Politics is another thing people need to keep their mouths shut about. Unless you have somehow read every single book ever written on politics, and you know everything that goes on in the White House and every government in the world, you have no business shooting off your mouth about it. All people ever do is argue about it, and face it, you’re not going to change anyone’s mind about anything. Most people who whine about it couldn’t do a better job themselves; it’s not just making simple decisions, there’s a lot of pressure involved in running a country.

People like to “discuss” – or argue as I like to call it – about religion too. I can’t find any point in people running their mouths about what they “know” to be true about god. If you’re Christian and you’re having an argument with a Buddhist, there’s no chance whatsoever of talking them into converting to Christianity. That’s why I don’t understand certain religions that go around trying to convert people – they think they are going to convince people to become one of them that early on a Sunday morning, before most people have even come out of their pre-coffee early morning daze? No. If knocking on people’s doors and telling them about your religion really worked, all religions would be doing it. Quit bothering everyone.

Speaking of being bothered, I am proud to say I am one of the few of the youth population in today’s society that is bothered by how relaxed today’s TV shows are regarding to sex. Having grown up on wholesome shows like I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show, and movies such as Laurel and Hardy, it was always a shock when I glimpsed a peek of Seinfeld or Friends, with their casual sex-talks in the coffee shop. And don’t even get me started with Jerry Springer and Howard Stern. I believe this type of talk should be reserved for close personal friends. In all fairness, the TV shows are supposed to be a representation of real life, and if this is what people really talk about in private booths at restaurants, then it should be okay to show it on network TV, right? Wrong. Obviously shows can survive without this kind of lewdness, as proven by shows like The Cosby Show. If people feel the need to talk about their personal sexual experiences, I believe it should only be to good friends and therapists.

Therapists are a good place to go to open up about your feelings. They are professional listeners; they are trained to pretend to care about your thoughts, concerns, and problems. Maybe it’s just my typical male view of the subject, but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable when people open up about the way the feel. I can only think of about one or two people to whom I feel like I can open up. So next time you feel like sharing a piece of personal information your personal belief, or any other feelings you have, do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself.