This I Believe

Kait - Helena, Missouri
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have grown up in a very fun-loving and strong-willed family. I have always been taught to do the best I can, so it wasn’t a surprise when I adopted this phrase as part of my life credo. I believe in doing the best I can, holding nothing back, but still living in Christ. As I was growing up I thought what if my best wasn’t good enough as my parents and grandparents told me to do the best I could. Over time I began to realize that if I did my very best it was always good enough. Today doing my very best enabled me to have a much healthier and successful life.

I had a major operation on June 16, 2003 to correct my curvature of the spine, or better known as scoliosis. I had a sixty-six degree curve that kept growing worse. My parents took me to see a spinal specialist and before I knew it I was in dire need of an operation to save my health and my future. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Prior to the operation I needed to donate four units of blood to myself in a five week period of time because blood only keeps for so long. The recovery time is much faster when a person’s own blood is transfused into their body during the operation. This was a difficult task on its own because a regular donor gives one unit every six to eight weeks. I prayed to get four pints in five weeks and of course my parents told me to do the best you can, and I did. I successfully donated four units of blood to myself.

The day of the operation finally came and I was ready both mentally and physically. I had prayed to God asking him to keep the Doctors hands’ steady and grant them strength to insert the rods, hooks, screws, and perform the bone graph, without paralyzing my body. Sure enough I awoke eight hours later. The next day I was walking around and holding nothing back. I practiced walking up and down stairs, as well as performing every day tasks with my new vertebrae. I spent the next week in the hospital which was truly an interesting experience. The next thing I knew I was on my way home with a new adventure to recover. Soon at home I had mastered sleeping on my side, putting on my socks, and washing my face without anyone’s help. I still had a long way to go, I wasn’t ready to run, I still had to wait a year to let my bone graph heal, but nevertheless I was on the road to recovery.

Through my operation I have learned when I do my very best, hold nothing back, and trust in Christ that I can achieve anything. This, I do believe.