This I Believe

Marisa - Cave Creek, Arizona
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A teacher of mine once told me, “Turn your dreams into goals, and they can be reached.” This is why I believe that dreams can come true. If you work hard for what you believe in, you can make it come true. There are people in the world that begin with nothing, but achieve everything they want in the end. The one person that I know who accomplished their dreams is my sister, Alexis.

Alexis went for her dreams and achieved them. Her dream was to become an architect. She chose to go through one of the toughest college programs after high school. The five-year program showed everyone what she could and couldn’t do by the many different projects she was assigned. My sister never gave up as she watched others drop out and switch careers. Her degree in architecture was one grueling course load. It also used to be a male dominated field of work. Therefore, she had to prove herself to everyone and show them what she was capable of doing. She proved herself by turning in amazing projects and by keeping her grades as high as she could. She worked long hours so that she would be able to turn in her projects at their best show level.

All those hours and hard work that she put into her college courses paid off in the end. My sister graduated from college May 12, 2007 with a bachelors degree in Architecture. She made it through five vicious years and never once gave up. Alexis is a person I know that has gone after her dream and achieved it.

My sister success is why I believe that dreams do come true. My sister, Alexis has shown me that if you fight for what you believe in, then your dreams can come true. Seeing my sister make it through college without giving up is the reason I believe I can accomplish my dreams as well. My dream is to one day own my own cake shop or restaurant. For me to be able to achieve my dream, I need to go to college and get associate degrees in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. That is the first step in a long journey to reaching my dream. Thanks to my sister showing me that dreams do come true, one day I believe mine will too.