This I Believe

James - Dallas, Texas
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Religion is what the world feeds on. I’ll say that without hesitation. I’ll also say that religion has become what any diety dreaded. It has become an issue where one religion must over power the other religion, where two cannot live simultaneously in the majority of the world, and where we go about converting future brethren through air bombings by the governments then swarm them with missionaries who go to spread the word on how ones God loves them and has a bigger plan for them. For me, I believe that Jesus Christ did exists and still exists in our hearts today, just as a memory exists in one soul. I do believe that Jesus Christ is the way into Heaven, a place I personally want to be after I die. However I feel that the world is out of his control, or whoever was running this world, and man now has the reigns and we are resorting to primal instincts through modern day weapons.

What I disagree with is the fact that you cannot dwell in other religions while remaining true to one. I consider myself a Buddhist-Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is the way to salvation, although I maintain my serious skeptisism, but I also believe in finding nirvana through zen and self enlightment.

I question why religion is the way it is. All religions seem like cults, but cults are just the imitators of religion, so how is it possible to find the right answer for our eternal lives. I find that the world feeds on religion but soon enough we will bite that hand that feeds and religion will in turn destroy us all; which is still very ironic how though the world will be destroyed along with peoples lives, hope, and faith, others will be salvaged and taken home to whichever Heaven proves right. Maybe one day we can accept other religions and live as one.