This I Believe

Meaghan - Chandler, Arizona
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have countless maxims and sayings that I try to keep close to my heart, but when I started to examine them, they all began to contradict one another. For example, love is said to conquer all things but then again nothing last forever. Or in another case, faith in God is all you need, but then its said that I am the only person I can rely on. I think it’s obvious why I started to get confused and question, “What do I genuinely believe with all my heart?” The only thing in which I couldn’t find a contradiction for is that no one’s perfect. That simple phrase encompasses everything in which I believe. There’s one day in particular that I can attribute to my faith and belief in that phrase.

On November the 6th I was walking out of a school dance concert without a care in the world. I peered around me and saw somber faces with tears streaming down. I was curious so I asked a classmate what happened. The news hit me like a huge weight and immediately I fell to my knees. My first high school boyfriend had killed himself earlier that day. We weren’t on good terms and that is what hurt me the most. Seven months earlier when we were together I distanced myself because he was associating himself with things I was uncomfortable with. I shut him out of my life. I quit on the relationship, and even worse, I quit on the friendship. Looking back I regret that decision because of the fact no one’s perfect.

That guy and his choice has shown me so much meaning behind that simple phrase. The first is that we all make mistakes and the sooner we realize that, the better off we will be. Mistakes are what challenge us and make us grow. Next is the trust that everyone has goodness inside, regardless of the actions they make. I know I have had times in life when I make one poor choice after another, but I’ve always had people who stuck by me. Lastly, this phrase shows me to not give up on anyone. People have and will hurt me but I will never hate them. Hate, to me, shuts out a person when they may just need someone to stand by them and believe in them. Sometimes I believe that life would be easier if I were able to hold grudges, because then I wouldn’t have to handle the bad things. Grudges block out the bad but people tend to forget that they also block out the good.

That guy’s actions have helped to shape my dedication to that simple four-word phrase. No one’s perfect; so do not punish them when they aren’t. He probably never thought any good would come from his actions, but to me, he was given me the greatest gift, forgiveness and eternal faith in the human spirit.