This I Believe

Ryan - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that people should try to have as much fun as they possibly can. I used to live my life working really hard and always stressing over grades. Then I realized that it wasn’t worth it. Life is short. Too short to waste time stressing over a letter on a piece of paper.

Just over a week ago I had that fact confirmed when my friend died, just two weeks before graduation. He was driving home from prom and crashed. I know that he would agree completely with what I am saying. He always had the best time that he could. You never saw him without a smile, or hung out with him and didn’t hear him laugh. He lived everyday to its fullest and enjoyed every second of it. When he passed away it made me realize how pointless it is not to have fun. When you pass on to the next world you don’t take grades, degrees, jobs, or money with you. However, you will always have memories of times spent with loved ones. Those memories are what are truly important.

So take time off of work and school and have some fun. Go to the movies with your friends, play some videogames, just enjoy yourself. You need to have as much fun as possible and not worry about the future, just live for today.