This I Believe

Brittnee - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life at It’s Best

I believe that everyone should live life to the fullest. A special person in my life has taught me this value to live by. My aunt Cathy, who is my dad’s sister, was the person who taught me to live by these words. Although we did not have a very close relationship, she has taught me a very valuable lesson that I will cherish forever. My aunt Cathy was a very enthusiastic person; she enjoyed every moment she had in life. She left this Earth about two years ago but left our whole family with a lesson to live by. My aunt started getting sick more often, and had to be hospitalized. She was planning for the next day to be able to come home and enjoy living and teaching her daughter, who was age nine. Even while in the hospital she was always laughing and talking as much as possible about the good times she had. She would try to tell us stories of the past to make us all laugh even though she was in horrible pain. She always loved the people who were in her life and lived it to the fullest.

When my grandmother lost her daughter, I know for a fact that she lost a piece of herself. But to this day, I know that seeing her grandchildren lights a way for her to get up and continue on with her everyday life. She sees my cousin and I and thinks of her daughter that she once knew and loved so dearly. She always reminds us to enjoy every moment of our lives and keep a positive outlook on every experience we go through, just as my aunt Cathy had. If we go through life with a negative outlook, we cannot enjoy the good experiences in life, even if they are looking you right in the eye.

Going through deaths in life can be a sad and distressful time in anyone’s life. Although many people may see a death as someone dying and not able to live their life, I look to it as a time to celebrate the life of that person. So when my aunt died, I could not look to this experience and be total devastated, I had to keep my head up and remember the good times in our lives that we shared together. This value that I continue to carry with me will always change my life for the better. If I have a positive outlook on every aspect of life that is thrown at me, I believe I will live my life to my fullest ability.