This I Believe

Anna - Maricopa, Arizona
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Effort and Hard Work

I believe that every person can succeed through effort and hard work. I have proved that myself, when I study for a test I receive the grade I want. In addition, when I strive to have a great presentation and put in my time to achieve that, it turns out to be magnificent. What keeps us from achieving what we desire is laziness and negativity. If you put your mind into something you can achieve it just maintain enthusiasm and put in the work and you will accomplish it. It makes it easier if you have passion for what you want to accomplish. For example, I have a passion for helping people. Right now, I can only help them one way and that is by talking to them or making sure I am here if they need someone to hear them. I would eventually increase my help by providing economical solutions. I think I could definitely achieve this with effort and hard work, while still having the excitement. I feel like I need to not just say this but also prove it in a dynamic way. Sure I can see that is true because of small incidents with grades or presentation but I need to show people that it is possible.

Most of my friends dropped out of high school, have a child, or just gave up on hopes and dreams. They have a lot potential to achieve greatness in their life, because they are talented in one way or another, and to make an impact to someone or the entire world if they wanted, but when I speak to them their words are full of doubt and sadness. Sure there are going to be many obstacles in the way but that is why is not just work is hard work. Everything that is worth achieving takes extra labor. Few have a passion for a great career or goal but they forget to incorporate the effort and hard work into that, and I feel that is what is keeping them from obtaining their dream. Others live day by day without thinking of themselves as the person who can affect the world positively through their ideas. I wished they would realize how important they are and that they can open up that shop, drive that Lamborghini, or even own that mansion in Beverly Hills. I know that every person can achieve and succeed through effort and hard work.