This I Believe

Justin - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

In seventh grade I met my friend Jason. Jason had lived a hard life, his mother left him and his dad when he was only one month old, and he and his father had never really gotten along. Jason stayed in Arizona for another two years, until his father kicked him out and sent him to military school. He returned a year later, not any different from the person that left. It was only a few months until he was kicked out again, this time to live with relatives. This cycle of being kicked out and coming back would continue for a total of ten times in the course of four years. Before the last time he moved, a lot of my friends and I were at our favorite hang out with Jason, the park. We had just finished playing football and Jason told us that he wanted to tell us something. Jason told us that he loved us as the best friends he could ever have.

At the time when Jason told me this, I thought it was kind of weird. I have never told any of my friends that I love them. I have told many of my girlfriends that I loved them, even though the average relationship only lasted three months. Yet, after being friends for many years with most of my friends, I have never said I loved them. However, now I understand why Jason told all his friends that he loved them.

On May 6, 2007, my good friend C.J. passed on. It was the most tragic day I have ever experienced in my eighteen years on this earth. I grew up with C.J. and we shared so many memories with our other friends. On that Sunday, all of our friends were sharing memories and talking about the good times with C.J. That is when my best friend Dusty said that he loved C.J. and will miss him forever. I too loved C.J. and will miss him forever. Before C.J. passed on, I never told him that I loved him as a friend. I regret not saying this.

Now, I tell not only my family, but also my friends that I love them and tell them how much they mean to me. Everyday brings something new to our lives and they are there with me to experience it. These experiences help us bond together and be witnesses to each other’s lives. All of my friends now say how much they love each other on a daily basis. You never know how long you have left to spend with those you care about, so you should cherish the time you have and let them know you care. I believe that you should tell those you care about that you love them.

*Jason has been through counseling with his father and now they get along great, and love each other. He is graduating high school on time and planning on moving back to Phoenix to go to college with the friends that he loves.*