This I Believe

William - Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Entered on May 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe Essay

Scouting is not lame

What I believe is to fulfill my life to the best of my ability. Life is the most important thing that I have and I would be regretful if I did not grasp it and make the best of it. To me living a full life means that I am happy and that I live to learn making the best out of situations that I go through. To me it’s not necessarily making the best decision, but if it satisfies my conscience, that is the best decision. I want to feed my brain with important lessons and information that will give me the satisfaction of accomplishment later in my life. Some of the best experiences I had in my life were through Boy Scouts and accomplishing the rank of Eagle Scout. Through scouts I have gotten the opportunity to learn basic skills for life, like to be courteous and honest in everyday life. We have what is called the scout law. It is a set of laws that you are supposed to live your life by and by being a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout I am obliged to follow these rules my whole life. It seems that it would be easy to be trustworthy, kind, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent but to be all of the things in the scout law would make me perfect. It is clear that no one is perfect so I follow the scout law the best I can. This is really, really hard. Scouting has given me many opportunities to expand my knowledge on everyday things how to tie a knot, to how to build a fire or sail. The most important things that I have to bring forward with me are the memories of doing good deeds and helping other people out. For my eagle service project I took a piece of abandoned land and contributed to the making of a park for my community. Other things that scouting has given me is that I got to work at a Boy Scout camp for a couple years. Being at camp for a whole summer is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Although it was a really simple job, in between teaching merit badges or just helping around camp, it gave me time to reflect almost all summer. Being in the middle of nowhere for 6 weeks can get to a person after a while but when it ended I felt refreshed and alive because I had spent a lot of time with just myself. Being at camp allowed me to learn things about myself, like skills and personal traits that have given me confidence.

Going through boy scouts has given me amazing opportunities and a great base to be a good person with lessons to carry with me. It has added to the fulfillment of my life in ways that I cannot compare to my everyday life. So after going through such a great program I feel like I have already made head way in becoming who I want to be. For the future I will work on the fine tunings of being me and doing what I want to do. This I believe.