This I Believe

Heather - Glenn Dale, Maryland
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that it is inevitable that we will turn into our parents no matter how hard we try not to. Like most young people growing up, I festered on the annoying habits of my parents and vowed to myself, “I’m never going to do that when I grow up!” Low and behold I find myself fighting back these habits on a daily basis. One such habit that sticks out in my mind is my parent’s obsession with cleanliness. I used to hate the constant nagging about keeping the house clean, and their idea of clean never quite matched my idea of clean. I could spend a whole day cleaning the house and my father would undoubtedly come home and declare, “What a pig-sty!” No thank-you or good job to be heard.

Now that I’m married and have a house of my own, I understand why it was so important for them to take care of their investment. I try my best to bite my tongue when my husband completes a task that just doesn’t exactly meet my standards of complete. The important thing, I try to tell myself, is that he’s trying to help, and just because he didn’t do it “my way” doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. I appreciate the inherited work ethic, but my tongue is getting sore from all the biting!