This I Believe

Katie - Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe you should blow the dust off your pictures everyday. I love to frame my pictures in pretty frames with extravagant borders. I love to get distracted during the day by a glance at my collection. My collection of pictures, in frames, is a catalyst to the memories I once had. I know that when I grow old I will lose my memory alongside my hair; I won’t remember details such as the weather and the outfit I wore at lunch the day of the 23 of April in 2005, however I do have a picture that will tell me all that upon a simple glance. I know I will not remember the earrings I wore to Prom in Vail on the 24 of April 2006, but guess what, my picture will tell me. My picture will tell me cause I no longer have the shirt I wore to lunch or the earrings I wore to prom, they are gone with the days but not from my memory because I have a picture. Pictures are doors to the past. We cannot live in the past and can never go back but we can relive that simple memory for a brief second. All it takes is that reminder, to remember the best and worst of times. My collection includes over 30 pictures, famed and placed somewhere in my room. But everyday when I wake up and look at them I see dust. Dust gets all over things in my room, but it should never get on my pictures. For my pictures are the most important things I still have from the past. When I blow the dust off them I take the air in my body and give it to the frame. It scatters the dust from infringing on my memory. I won’t let the dust of the present ruin the remnants of the past. The dust cannot get on my pictures or I will blow it off, this I believe.