This I Believe

Joseph - Trussville, Alabama
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What I Believe

I believe in believing in your self. I believe that you should never doubt your own capabilities. Now I am not saying that you should only believe in your self, obviously you should believe in God more than anyone including your self. I am saying when God gives you opportunities you should not give up because you do not think you are good enough. When I was twelve I was scared. I played soccer for a recreational team at Trussville. I was thinking about trying out for a competitive team at Vestavia. I did not believe in myself. I thought, ”I’m just some rec player from Trussville, I’ll get killed.” Well this is why I believe in believing in your self. It turns out I was good enough. The coach invited me to the team after the first tryout. See the way I look at it if you do not believe you can do something, then why waste your time and everyone else’s by going out there and doing it. The verdict has been decided before you even get on to the playing field. So in turn, when a team who has someone who does not believe, it is like a cancer. He will say that some team will kill them, and one by one the others believe it. You cannot buy into that sort of thing. You must have the mental toughness and the guts to stand up and say no, we all believe we can do this but you, if you do not believe then do not play. Because in the end, you will play better without them. See ever since that day I tried out for the Vestavia team I’ve had confidence in my own abilities in everything I do. I do not always believe I am the best, but I do know I am good enough to contribute to the team and be an asset, not a liability. The way people on teams (I mean team as a group of people working together for a goal, not specifically a sports team) talk about how they do not care about the project they are working on because someone else’s will be better or they are not going to try at practice because they are going to lose next week’s game anyway is the most ludicrous form of not believing in yourself. Not only are you not believing in yourself, you are doubting the abilities of others and cutting them down. In sports, if you do not believe in yourself that day, then do not show up. If you do not believe in everyone around you, do not show up ever again.