This I Believe

Lauren - Dallas, Texas
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that without a best friends, no one has grown to their true potential. A true friend is an angel who touches your heart. My best friend is someone that I can not even begin to explain to you. Her name is Maddie and she has touched my life more than anyone or she will even know. I’ll start by explaining her in five words: bubbly, talkative, together, loyal, and perfect.

I’m going to try and explain why and how she is all these things in one. Well first of all I’m not a huge creep for calling her perfect. I say that because she has everything in most of her life in line. I know that she isn’t perfect cause trust me I have seen her faults, but she is so dedicated and hardworking in every aspect of her life. If someone gives her a task, even a small one, she does it and she does it full out. On the other hand when someone tells me to do something I put it off until I have to do it and it’s usually not even half its true potential. I envy that so much in her. She makes me want to be a better person in every aspect of my life without making me feel bad about myself.

I love to talk. She is the perfect person to talk to because not only can she sit and listen but she can talk almost as much as I can (if that’s even possible). She always know how to make me laugh and I honestly think if we were stuck on an island together we would never run out of stories or laughs. She has a strange way of making my worst day my best, just because knowing I have her there makes me know that things will go on and what I think is the end of the world that day will soon be a small detail of my life. But Maddie, she will never be a small detail. She will always be the girl who was my best friend through high school and soon to be college. She will be the one who knows everything about me, every guy I’ve talked to, all my struggles in my faith, all my ups, all my downs. She knows all of it and she still loves me which is a rare thing to find.

I only hope that everyone can find someone like Maddie who can come in and touch your life with out even meaning to. It is a true and special gift that should and will be cherished always!