This I Believe

Marc - Dallas, Texas
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe the world has slowly and will slowly keep changing with out a doubt. The problem is I believe many of the changes are for the worse; the environment, the way people act, but mainly the school systems around the world. I believe that the school systems and the way they are teaching these days will eventually cause a downfall in society. I believe that school is now only about grades and passing or failing.

As an 18 year old kid about to graduate from High School and move on to College I just personally believes that the schools teach entirely the wrong approach to life. I believe that all school has turned into is a building that kids come to in order to receive a grade on how there work is. Kids are not learning anything, they come to school do what ever they can or want to, make the grade they need, and move on. There is nothing in school that has really stuck with me; it is more of an in one ear and out the other sort of thing. Kids now just try to find the easiest way to make the grade that makes there parents happy and move on. I believe it should be more of a learning thing, and learning how to apply yourself to do the best you possibly can and not only about getting a 100 on your test for memorizing exactly what the questions will be and the answers, and within ten minutes after the test having no idea what you learned. There will always be some type of flaw in schools because you have to give a grade in order to determine where the student should move on to, but there has to be a better way of doing this then having a bunch of kids sitting in a class with about two percent of them actually learning information that will help them in the future field they decide to move into.

There is always going to be kids who know matter what you do are going to find an easy way through it, but I believe the school systems should be trying to find a way to make schools more interactive and hands on to really find out how to teach kids to learn and become better prepared for the life that most will go onto after school is over. I hope that college is more of what I hope for in school and have been told it will be. I also wish I had an answer to the school system problem but I don’t and I believe or hope that someday, someone does and the schools become a great place where almost every kid comes out a whole lot smarter then they started, in all aspects of life not just there GPA.