This I Believe

Robert - Watertown, Wisconsin
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This essay is in response to Bill Nunan’s article on “My Personal Leap of Faith.” (I am an engineer as well)

The question that most people are asking these days is “What do we do with the problem of evil? If evil exists in the world, where the Hell is God?”

The modern world we live in is a world of science and technology. We live by laws of mathematics to build bridges, send rockets into space, keep skyscrapers from falling down, explain why sky scrappers fall down, explain traffic patterns, write chemical formulas….you name it we orchestrate our lives around some law.

The way we think is even governed by laws. Psychologists and Sales people are starting to realize the same things: people operate on certain behavioral laws. Dale Carnegie wrotea book on how to “Win Friend and Influence People” because Dale Carnegie, whether he acknowledges it or not, understood that laws of behavior will make you be able to predict how well you can put YOUR life together successfully.

We also in America and actually in the latest centuries have had a unique influence in our culture. Max Weber, the eminent sociologist of the turn of the century, in his work “The Protestant Ethic in the Spirit of Capitalism” showed that the cultural/industrial explosion occurred because of the Christian Ethic. Also his contemporary Alexus De Tocqueville, “Democracy In America” shows how America was a very unique country because of its cultural standards (laws). “America is Great, because America is Good, if America ceases to be Good, America will cease to be Great.”

The Greatness comes from Standards, Laws. Christianity is the only religion in the world that is defined, and governed by Law. Christ died on the Cross because the Law required Him too. Christ was fulfilling a contract, which the Law required. In order to Save His people, Christ had to Pay for them. Christ then can do as he chooses with them. He chooses to have them (Christians) use the Laws of God in His Word and all around the Christian to change the culture from death to life. “I come to give them life and to give it to them more abundantly. (Christ)”

We in America have the abundant life. We will cease to have the abundant life if we violate God’s Laws. Read Deuteronomy 28 and tell me exactly why the nation is losing its freedoms. America is losing its greatness, because it chooses to ignore the Laws of Righteousness, or Upright Culture.

So God does exist, God does not just sit by and watch you do what you want, God allows sin to exist to chasten you. When you repent, then you are blessed. Evil exists so we can clean it up. Evil will get worse and worse (law of consequences) if we choose to follow a system of folly.

What Bill Nunan is really wrestling with is not Law, but God’s Sovereignty. Bill sees no order, and therefore assumes that God is just sitting back. The lack of order is a test from God to mature us and use the tools he has given us: namely His Law of Ethics and Civilization building Statutes and Commands.

The Providential Hand of God governs the weather, our day to day lives, the cars on the street, all towards an end: Righteousness. When we abandon the mechanisms (ie: Proper Culture Carriers, Proper Business Ethics, Proper Personal Ethics) that he has ordained, then we suffer the consequences.

If I drop the ball from my hand and do not move my foot, I suffer the consequences, my foot hurts. When we drop the ball and refuse to realize that culture is dying because of ignoring sound cultural building principles that have been proved by our forefathers, then we suffer.