This I Believe

Kristopher - Westminster, Massachusetts
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that my parents were right in teaching me the philosophy of live and let live. Throughout my existence I was always taught to let people be who they want to be even if I think they are a little strange. To accept all people no matter what race, ethnicity, or religion. My parents want me to accept everyone no matter what as long as they do no harm to me or the ones I love. There is always people you are not going to like because you just genuinely do not get along with them but you do not dislike this person because of some uncontrollable difference like race and ethnicity.

As a child this idea seemed simple and easy. I didn’t understand why I needed to be told that I needed to accept everyone for who they are not because of something that would make them different than me. This concept had no contradicting idea no disagreeing situation because all the people around me practiced the philosophy of live and let live. It all seemed silly to me to have this idea told to me over and over “so I would get it” as my dad used to say.

It wasn’t until I was older and more out in the world that I finally understood why my family tried so hard to instill this idea in me. I saw that the world was a cruel and mean place that hated people for unchangeable differences. When I understood the world for what it was I finally understood my father’s constant bombardment of the live and live let philosophy.

When I came to college this philosophy was tested, hard. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst there are several living areas. Each one is “known” for its types of people. Central notorious for its hippies and drug use, Southwest know for its athletes and parties, Northeast for its creeps and foreign kids, Orchard hill for its nerds and dorks, and sylvan where the really strange and druggy kids live. When I arrived here I was told by all the new people I met that you can’t go here because they are not cool. For awhile I did because I wanted to get along with the people I’ve just meet but I started to meet people in my classes who were cool and lived in these areas that were different from mine. After I met all these new people I started hear their voices in my head but I also heard my father’s voice. The bombardment stuck and I remembered to let people live and let live and not judge. So I started hanging out with these new people and I made new and unique friends.

Throughout life this philosophy this idea has been tested and it has also proven to work. If you let people be you will make more and better friends and it will keep a peace if you don’t become a friend. Letting people live their lives as they will you don’t make conflict and you don’t create hatred. This I believe.