This I Believe

Brett - Manchester, Missouri
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance


Ninety-five percent of our communication is physical. That is one of the reasons why we are so judgmental. When people first see something they automatically judge it. They might say that they do not judge but it is your society and our natural that makes us judge everything. They do not just judge living things, humans judge everything that they see, hear, smell, or feel. We use judgment to determine what things are. Our society is based on judging what something looks like first, then we use other senses to put it in to a category. We are even taught this process in school. In science class we are taught to use our senses to determine what an object is and put in to a category. We use that method in our lives to judge if something is the same or different from other things in our lives.

The act of judging does not only come from school. There are lots of times where babies use their senses to judge, it is a natural thing to do. For example, my cousin on his first birthday, when I first held him, looked at me then he looked at my hand that was closest to his face. He felt my hand, smelled, it and finally he tried to taste it. I think we have an innate instinct to first look at something that is unknown and then slowly explore what it is. That is from them learning that some things unknown are not good for them.

You can see this in animals as well. When my dog sees something on a walk the first thing he does is watch it to make sure that it is not going to get him. So he creeps up on it, once he is close enough to know that it is not going to hurt him he smells it, and finally tastes the stain on the ground.

Even though I know all of this I make it my goal in life not to judge things right off the bat. I believe in the idea that every time you see someone you should reevaluate them and compare it to the last judgment you made of them. That way you always give someone the chance to improve on what they have done wrong in the past. It also keeps me from miss judging.