This I Believe

Jessica - Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Jessica Gero

This is Just Me.

I believe in people being who they want to be. In this

day and age it seems that people are just way too quick to force their

beliefs and standards on another person. From the minute someone is

born they’re taught to be someone else. People are never taught to

explore ones own being, to see what fits them, and that is probably

why trying to pick a college that fits you is so hard. Being a

seventeen year old having just gone through the college selection

process I saw how difficult it was to pick a college that worked for

my standards, not for everyone else’s standards. I have been told

time and time again that living at home is pathetic for college, you

must go far away, and regular colleges aren’t worth your time, strive

for the ivy leagues. To be completely honest those don’t sound like

my standards, those sound like everyone else’s. I believe they work

for other people, but having just made my decision to go to Western

New England College and live at home just sealed my fate as an

“abnormal” college student.

What is it to be abnormal? Where is this golden set of

rules that states what is normal and what is not. If I could get my

hands on these rules I would simply burn them, because they are

idealistic and unrealistic. I wonder who gets to pick the ultimate

standards for how a person should act. What makes certain things

socially acceptable and other things not, and what makes us care about

what other people think. That is where I break off from the norm. I

have learned in my short seventeen years of life that it creates more

fun to just be you. To laugh, sing, dance, talk, skip, and do

whatever you however you want to do it.

Recently I went on a trip with my schools and to

Washington D.C. On this trip we were told to act like adults, which

was cool. But some of the chaperones took it to the next level, we

were told to not play with toys because we were adults and had to act

as so, but when I purchased a big pink playground ball and it got

taken away from us playing, acting like kids, I realized that I was

far from an adult. When we finally received the ball back it was like

a kindergarten class had received it, fifty band kids played kickball,

tag, four square, whatever our little hearts desired, while the real

adults watched on in disgust. It would have been nice for them to

realize at that point that we did not accept their standard of how

fifteen to eighteen year olds should be and we wanted to be ourselves.

Laugh. Live. Breathe. Dance. Snort. Jump. Skip. Flip. Fly.

Overall just be yourself. Learn to spread your wings and be the person

you want to be. It doesn’t matter if that person likes to dance

around like an idiot and make noises that are questionable to man, all

that matters is if that person is happy. No one is happy when they’re

being told how to essentially be, so why do others feel the need to

force it upon them? With me being someone who doesn’t care what

people think and does my own thing, I can tell you that it’s the best

thing you can ever do for yourself and the grass is in fact greener on

the other side.