This I Believe

Robert - scottsdale, Arizona
Entered on May 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death


Death is the most feared thing in a person’s life because it plainly ends life. It is the result of living. You don’t realize but your ultimate goal in life is your demise. You can’t escape this goal, you can prolong it but in the end that’s it, you’re done. Many people believe in life after death or reincarnation, but I see these views as peoples’ unwillingness to give up on the materialness of life on earth and wish to continue living on a higher plane of existence. There is no way to know if life after death is true, although these born again people talking about how they saw the light and were pulled back down to earth are most likely just lying because they want you to buy their books about the topic they are now so-called “experts” on.

Dying is excruciatingly painful, just watching it strikes fear into others. Seeing someone die can scar you for life and when the dreaded day comes some might even say there’s a feeling in the air that accompanies it. Your senses may seem crisper and more receiving, like your taste buds last hoorah. Ultimately you die that day and you don’t know what happens next, that is the puzzle of life. It can’t be solved by mere logic, only experience that you alone can know and can not send back to earth. There is no way to know why you died or if your death saved another, but it is believed that once received at the gates of heaven they review your life of sin and good deeds and decide which out weighs the other. If you are generally good you are let in and received in splendor, if not you are condemned to an afterlife of wretched pain and suffering.

The greatest thing about our origin is that we have no idea what it is, why are we here. No man knows the answers to these ever impending questions of existence and importance. Religious people believe they can impose their will on you and force you to listen to them by exerting kindness, often too much, and explain who god is like they know him personally. Multiple Christians say they have heard god speak to them in prayers but who are they to say they know, considering Satan is said to meet sinners in their time of need looking to make a trade for their soul, also I do believe that mankind’s imagination has been known to go berserk at times, why wouldn’t you think that maybe they’re just talking to themselves.