This I Believe

nelson - seal beach, California
Entered on May 13, 2007
Age Group: 65+



These are questions pondered thru the ages by philosophers, scientists and those

seeking spiritual enlightenment.

A fifth century B.C. philosopher, Parmenides, held that reality consisted of a

single unchanging substance,without beginning or end, and that our senses are

unreliable in perceiving reality; the world we think we know is just illusion.

This is much like the pot attempting to comprehend the potter. One might say

that which is, is. This is how we reference GOD.

We have come to associate our identitiy with the physical body and it’s attributes

of gender,ethnicity,religion,social status,politics and knowledge. As the physical

body has a finite lifespan of a century or so it is not a permanent vessel to contain

this life-form. Attending the funeral of a loved one you instantly know that that person

is no longer present, what remains is just lifeless flesh. The life form that animated that body is part of an eternal entity, now separated from the physical form and world for which it’s physical body was designed.

Two of the great myths of our time are religion and politics. A myth is not a literary creation or fairy tale, but starts with a central truth which is subsequently obscured and altered by layers of speculation, explanation or spin. This can be likened to formation of a pearl where a grain of sand enters the oyster which reacts by covering the sand with pearl. A myth starts with the truth or inspiration,the grain of sand, which is later covered over.Unfortunately, we believe most strongly in what we understand the least.

The political myth is the original truth that it was the tribal leader’s duty to insure the wellbeing of his people; while today it is a reverse situation, where politicians and rulers

exist for their own benefit. The people are subservient.

The religion myth is that GOD wrote a book and gave it to man to study and memorize so salvation and passage to heaven could be earned. The original revelation or truth disclosed to the original seekers, like Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed, was that there is one GOD and only one GOD. Once these “ truths” were written down at later dates, the original truth was covered by layers of speculation and explanation creating the myths present today.

Clearing the debris we have the basic truth: THERE IS ONE AND ONLY ONE GOD.

If this is true then GOD IS. That which is,is.

The basic truth: reality, GOD, I AM THAT I AM, creator, are all ideas that we cannot really comprehend. The GOD of the bible is a myth (remember the pearl), where He capriciously created storms, poverty, death, etc. to punish us. If we remember that this physical body has evolved for temporary life on earth and the real life is in us and is eternal and joined with GOD, we can grasp that we are all ONE, with and in GOD.

Thus GOD cannot be “up there” or somewhere else but here and now.

This realization that we are all one with each other and the earth with all its animate and inanimate forms can change the way we view the problems we face every day. The woman squatting in squalor on the ground in Africa is our sister and our status is limited by her condition. We are our brother’s keeper. Our Father which art in heaven is here, but we cannot see.

We live in a world of myth, fantasy and illusion. To observe this simply close your eyes and the depravation of vision input creates a temporary confusion in your mind which attempts to fill the void with images and illusion. To enhance this one can now enter a meditative state, observing your thoughts without emotional involvement. This brings us a little closer to reality.

The truth is the key to unlock the myth of religion. Religion is a real part of our world where we seek refuge and truth in the illusion; religion seeks to explain the unexplainable. Reading the bible with the insight of the basic truth of ONENESS will enhance our interpretation of the scriptures. We all have needs: if hungry we seek food; if

distressed we seek relief in the form of pills,drink,companionship , or religion. We should study the scriptures not worship them. Seek first the Kingdom (truth) and all will be added.

We may think we know and understand, but this,too, shall pass away.