This I Believe

ashlie - NC, Colorado
Entered on May 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe… that the little moments in life is what mruley makes it worth while. Sure, the big things are what get you through, but without those little moments, what would make your life truly worth while? Personally, all I try to remember is the little moments. The thing about those little moments is that they are so insignificant to what is happening, yet make you feel like you have a purpose;that living on Earth is truly worth your while. I remember every time one of my 6 little sisters have crawled into bed with me late at night after having a bad dream when they think that I was asleep. Most people would overlook something so little, but not me. Just the way they “sneek” in, pull back the covers, snuggle in real close & close their eyes. It’s unforgettable. Seeing their little chest fall into rythmic breathing as they fall asleep next to you. It’s just so special. One little moment, one BIG feeling. We experience these little moments throughout our whole life. Like, in kindergarten when evryone first began to socialize. There was always that one kid who would come up, get right in your face, and ask in a very loud & obnoxious voice if you wanted to be their best friend. And at first you were thinking, this kid is WEIRD.. but you end up staying best friends all the way through high school. One little moment? I think so… but what BIG impact, I know. Now, I have you thinking of all those little moments dont I? How about when that first person that you REALLY like reached out and grabed your hand? Those butterflies in the pit of your stomache, when your heart felt like it was pounding through your chest,and suddenly you seemed to have lost your sence of problems. Yes, all of those things happen in one little moment. But, those little moments, that time, weather it be a few seconds or a few hours, are the ones we explain as “priceless”. The little moments are the ones that should be treasured most. Truthfully, how many times are you telling a story and stop to explain EVERY little moment? EVERY little feeling? Not very often. And you really want the other person you’re telling to understand, but they can’t because they weren’t there to witness the little moments. As a matter of fact, next time I tell someone a story likr that, and I know they dont quite understand… and they give me that, ur crazy, look & ask what was so good about it…. I’ll simply say…”the little moments.”