This I Believe

Anna - Wake Forest, North Carolina
Entered on May 13, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe…that you are responsible for your own happiness. This does not mean that life won’t throw hard or sad times your way. It does mean that you choose how you cope with these times.

This I have learned from my mother. I have watched her go through many surgeries, lose her ability to walk on her own, and face the fear of recurring cancer in her body. Instead of shutting out the world and feeling sorry for herself, she chooses to continue working, to live on her own, to eat out daily with friends, to deliver pies to folks feeling down, and to attend her grandchildren’s plays, track meets, baptisms, and band concerts. Whenever a child watches her with her canes, walker or wheelchair, she smiles and jokes with them. These are the genes I pray are coursing through my body. I know that she is putting on at times…when pain is kicking in, when new medicines make you feel worse instead of better, when another friend leaves this world; but, she will put on a smile, comfort those around her, and soon, she isn’t acting. Her happiness is real and infectious.

What a wonderful disease to spread around the world!